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Energy Saving using Inverter Drives in Control Panels

There is no doubt about it – saving energy is a must both from an environmental point of view as well as from a financial one.
From industrial scale control panels to smaller systems, efficiency equals cost saving

In these days of austerity it does not do to squander resources. The more efficient a system is the less energy it takes to run it. Customers sometimes question whether the outlay to update and upgrade their systems (although an obvious improvement in the mid-term) is a cost it’s worth paying for in the short term, in the constant battle between overheads and profit margins. Needless to say it does not take long for them to understand how quickly improved efficiency pays for itself!

Even for a relatively small company or system the energy savings can be well worth having.


AJM design new control panel and system

Recently AJM Drives & Controls were asked to look at a boiler feed pump control system. The customer at the time had 3 x 15kw feed pumps running continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The boilers simply opened and closed feed valves to top up the boilers as required

Powerflex 400 AC Inverter

Powerflex 400 AC Inverter

AJM designed a new control system and control panel allowing the 3 x pumps to be run from a single 45kw Allen Bradley Powerflex 400 AC Inverter. The signals from the boiler valves were linked in to a Micrologix controller so that the pumps could run at a variable rate and only when the boilers required topping up. This drastically reduced the time that the pumps where running and at most times they only needed to run at half speed. This not only provided a vast saving on the running costs but also greatly extended the mechanical life of the pumps.

Because these boilers where critical to the site AJM also incorporated a by-pass facility into the new control panel to allow Dol starting if there was a problem with the inverter.

 The energy savings made paid for the project within the first 12 months.



Is it time to review your control panel, drives and systems?

AJM Drives & Controls help industries of all sizes radically reduce their energy consumption by optimising system efficiency.
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