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Do you always need a new Control Panel?

AJM Drives and Controls treat each job individually, considering what is best for the customer to ensure their systems are running efficiently.

For a recent customer, it quickly became apparent that the most cost effective option was not to install a new control panel but to make modifications and overhaul the existing one.

Control Panel before repairThe existing control panel was certainly in need of some repair.

As time had gone on, the panel had become slightly overloaded and no longer worked at levels of optimum efficiency.
After a meeting with the customer and an inspection of the control panel and the whole system it was serving we went to work.
We completely overhauled the control panel and made the necessary repairs. We also added a few extra items to allow the panel to run optimally.
An added bonus was that we were able to re-use most of the original components.



Cost effective control panel repair

Control Panel after overhaul and repairOur customer now had a fully functioning control panel allowing the system to run much more efficiently.

For a cost effective approach to control panel servicing and repairs and with free quotation as standard, contact AJM Drives & Controls.







Maximising efficiency and minimising costs.