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Keeping your control panel systems efficient

Having a control panel that runs your systems working effectively and efficiently is vitally important. Ageing, inefficient systems use sizeable amounts of energy that is unnecessary, which makes them very expensive to run.

AJM Drives & Controls have designed the ‘Top 5’ ways you can keep your existing control panel systems working optimally to ensure their long and efficient life.

Control Panel Service, Repair and up-grades

AJM Drives & Controls know how important time and budgets are to your business. There are many things that can be done with an existing control panel to help maximise efficiency. When a system starts to get older, the most important thing to do to keep it efficient and running smoothly is to have it regularly inspected and serviced.

Control Panel Inspection and Servicing

Panel inspection and servicing is the best way to keep your costs down in the long run. Small problems are more likely to be spotted and dealt with before they become big problems that interrupt the running of your business. Having a Control Panel expert on hand, who will tailor inspection and servicing to your needs is the first step in making your systems economical both in terms of costs and of energy usage.

Control Panel Breakdown Repair Service

Any control panel breakdown is liable to have a massive effect on the running of a business, so to have someone on hand who is an expert and will undertake to respond quickly is key. Time matters to any business. Find a trusted control panel engineer able to repair swiftly without compromising on the quality of work.

Control Panel, Inverter & DC Drives Upgrades and replacements

It is not always necessary to manufacture a complete new control panel. Up-grading components within your control panel system can significantly increase system efficiency and reduce running costs, giving a new lease of life to an aging system. Added to which, there are developments happening apace in all areas of electronics so it is very possible, after an upgrade, to have a system that is more efficient than the original.

PLC diagnostics and software back-up

PLC diagnostics allows you to ensure your systems are running at the optimum rate. Consider an upgrade service and a PLC system integration service to your existing site control systems, program re-writes and modifications and an on-site program back-up service.

An Unbeatable Control Panel Service

AJM Drives & Controls are experts at what they do. Added to which they have detailed knowledge of all areas of business from manufacturing, production, construction to public buildings such as schools, offices and underground car parks.

AJM recognise the importance of keeping your control panel components up-to-date and working efficiently, which is why free quotations are offered as standard for all services. Expert advice is only ever a phone call away.

AJM Drives & Controls – Prompt and Expert Service. Free Quotations. Maximising energy saving and efficiency.