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Control Panel Manufacturer – Best Bits of Kit

Posted on April 15th, 2013

Control Panel Manufacturer's pc oscillatorAs a control panel manufacturer, we are always looking for ways to upgrade our service to our customers. Part of that is investing in equipment that helps us to deliver a cost effective, comprehensive service.

We have recently invested in a pc based oscilloscope made by PicoScope . This handy piece of kit is a 4 channel differential oscilloscope. Small but perfectly formed, the PicoScope is packed with useful functions that help us engineers precisely measure the performance of drive analogue systems. It is also particularly useful on site-visits to check encoders for correct operation.


Once plugged in to the laptop it boasts features such as programmable filter options, real time sampling, up to 1 million waveforms per second and 1 million point FFTs for spectrum analysis.

It allows us to precisely analyse the operating of drive analogue systems and encoders and where they are working at their optimum (or not). The value to the customer is that there is no guesswork in all this. We can use our various pieces of kit to allow you to run your systems at peak performance and in the most cost effective way.

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