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Inverter Driver

Talk to AJM if your systems utilise an inverter driver controling the frequency and voltage of the power going in to your motors.

AC Inverter and DC Drives

AJM Drives and Controls have a comprehensive knowledge of both AC Inverter and DC drives. We offer a number of services as follows;

  •  Site breakdown service , where we can either repair or replace with new.
  • Replacement of DC drives with an AC motor/inverter equivalent.
  •  Supply of both AC and DC drives.
  •  Energy saving applications from fitting AC inverter drives.

With free quotation as standard it is easy to find out how AJM can update and repair your systems, maximising energy saving and efficiency. Contact us today for more information.

2014 drives installed


37kw pump drive

2.2kw stunner drive

4kw extract fan drive

7.5kw drying machine drive

2 x 7.5kw extract panel drives

2 x 18.5 kw extract panel drives

0.75kw pad mangle drive